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Services that Support Families with Exceptional Children that happen to be Neurodivergent.

Fee Schedule Hourly
 Fee Schedule Hourly

My fees are $100 per hour including:

• reviewing educational records, school documents and testing; 
• research; 
• writing/reviewing letters; 
• attending meetings/observations (not including travel fees mentioned below)
• any additional services needed


  • Phone calls billed at $30/hr

  • Mileage charge billed at .60 cents a mile per outside a 30 mile radius of Upstate Advocacy


Upon signing of contract:

  • A $300 non-refundable deposit will be taken at the time the contract is signed. Services will be billed against this deposit

  • You will be billed at a rate of $100 an hour for all advocacy services.​​

  • If you choose ONLY to have a records review, you will be billed a one-time fee of $300. 

  • You will be billed a mileage fee of .60 cents for all travel to and from meetings/observations more than 30 miles from the office of Upstate Advocacy in Greenville, SC 


Invoices will be sent to clients at the end of each month. Payment is due to Upstate Advocacy upon receipt of the monthly invoice. The latest date payment will be accepted by Deana Collins without assigning late fees is the 15th of the following month the client receives the billing invoice.

Fee Schedule Packages
Fee Schedule Packages

- nonrefundable fee of $300.00

- this package is for those not needing an advocate to attend meeting, but needs guidance as to best practices

  • Initial 30 minute telephone, in person, or virtual consultation where the Parent and Parent Advocate will discuss concerns or issues for the upcoming ARD/IEP or Section 504 meeting (doesn't count towards 3 hours).

  • Review of child’s educational records including Parent Questionnaire and Educational Packet by Parent advocate after initial consultation.

  • Second one hour telephone, in person, or virtual meeting where the Parent Advocate will supply the Parent with a prepared list of recommendations, suggestions, and courses of action for the Parent to take to the upcoming ARD/IEP or Section 504 meeting. Parent will also have the opportunity to discuss any additional concerns or issues.

  • Telephone, text, and e-mail consultations with the Parent, school personnel, or other service providers. Any time spent will be deducted from the 3 hours included in the package.

  • Review of IEP or 504 Plan after meeting.

Tutoring Services
Tutoring/Executive Functioning Services

-these sessions are for students needing additional support outside the classroom. Specializing in individualized curriculum that is based on strengths and IEP goals particularly with students that may have ASD, GAD, EF deficits, Math Learning Disability/Anxiety

Fee Schedule Hourly: 

  • $60/hour-which includes individualized outside prep time (lesson plans, IEP/records review)

  • Executive Functioning coaching and planning

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