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Upstate Advocacy Teach the way they learn

Below is a list of services provided by Upstate Advocacy. Feel free to contact if additional services are needed.

  • Guidance in referral process

  • Requesting Eligibility of Services

  • Interpret Psychological Evaluation

  • Identify if IEE (Independent Educational Evaluation) is needed

  • Effective communication with school

  • Complete records review

  • Gather team meeting notes

  • Identify and evaluate appropriate IEP Goals and Objectives

  • IEP Conference Calls/meetings

  • Analyze Progress Monitoring

  • Analyze FBA/BIP

  • Ensure LRE (Least Restrictive Environment) is adequate

  • Help learn the language of special education

  • Ensure proper educational placement based on student needs

  • Autism support

  • Executive Functioning coaching

  • Specialist in Math Learning Disability/Anxiety

  • Strengths based tutoring

  • Monthly support group

  • If needed, lawyer/therapist referral

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