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The Purpose of a Special Education Advocate is to

Create plan of action for families to optimize a students individualized school services.


About Me

Deana Collins brings a variety of experience to her role as a special education advocate. As a former educator and administrator, she has 15 years of combined public, private, and therapeutic school experience. She has sat at the IEP table as a case manager and understands the complicated workings of the special education system. Deana believes that all children are capable of progress and deserve the optimal environment every day. 

Deana received her undergraduate degree in Psychology and Education from Beloit College and a Masters of Arts in Special Education from Jacksonville State University. She completed the National Board Certification in Advocacy for Special Education program through the National Association of Special Education Teachers, and is a member of both COPAA (Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates) and the Council for Exceptional Children. These memberships keep her up-to date on trends and issues happening in special education.  In addition, she serves as   a volunteer for Big Brothers Big Sisters and the YMCA as a volleyball coach. 


Her educational experience provides her with strong mediation skills. She also has had extensive work reading and analyzing educational plans and interpreting testing data and is an expert in the field. She also has been identified by the state of Florida as being a High Impact Teacher. The designation of HIGH IMPACT TEACHER is reserved for exceptional educators that make a positive impact on student achievement and have student growth within the top 10% of the state. 


**Deana Collins is NOT an attorney and cannot offer you legal advice. ​​​​

Deana Collins Special Education Advocate
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